Miss Piggy Would Not Be Pleased

Miss Piggy Would Not Be Pleased fashion

Oh god, this is total bullfrog shit.

This is the type of corny ass fashion stuff you see coming out of first year FIT students, you know that “couture” wannabe stuff that’s made when a student notices a commercial featuring Kermit selling Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust and realizes that the frog is the spokesperson fashion so desperately needs. So he heads to the nearest Toys ‘r us and picks up 30 stuffed for $20 bucks and then stitches them together and attempts to charge $5000 for the “art” piece. Of course, in this case, it isn’t some misguided fashion student, it’s French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and it isn’t some final project for a Fashion Design class, it’s Paris Fashion Week. Either way, were going to give this an F.

(Photo credit should read PIERRE VERDY/AFP/Getty Images)

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