Missbehave-ing Yet Again

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Missbehave ing Yet AgainI would like to preface this post by saying I am in no way trying to get involved or stir the pot here. I’m just a man doing my job, and it just so happens my job requires me to talk about the troubles in the fashion world. Moving on, we all know that Fashion Indie and Missbehave haven’t gotten along too well in the past, but that was then, this is now, and my name isn’t Daniel Saynt.

Now I will say I haven’t been the poster child for fashion blogging, and I have said some pretty brainless things in my day, but I don’t expect someone to be on my ass about every single word that comes out of my mouth. Things come out wrong, words get flipped, and sarcasm isn’t always picked up on, but that’s what personal e-mail situations are for, it’s not the time to get on your blog and draw attention to a petty situation, and that’s where my concern with Missbehave comes into play.

Krudmart, my home town boutique and friends (certain employees named Erin),  recently took a seemingly unecessary, blind sided slap in the face from the menacing mag due to some things said in the Krudmart newsletter. Now they were in no way intended to be serious, nor were they even that offensive, but I’ll let you be the judge. Here’s what the big man Steve K. at Krudmart had to say:

“One of the biggest complaints we get here at the Krud is “You guys need to get more women’s stuff.” Usually this comes from whiny little girls who I pay no attention to (sorry girls) but they do have a point.. women spend money on clothes. With that said, we are proud to present one of our biggest collections of women’s clothes yet. Don’t worry though dudes, aside from getting to check out some chicks, there’s plenty of new stuff for you too.”

Now lets be real here, who is really offended by this? Offended enough to go and distribute it mindlessly to thousands of very easily influenced people. If there was really an issue here a polite e-mail would have suficed. I feel like if the genders were flipped it wouldn’t have even been mentioned at all, but if you were upset by it that’s fine. Krudmart is a small boutique that does amazingly well for where they are from (I would know, as I am from Buffalo, and spend good money at Krudmart). Why would you want to throw them under the bus with potential customers before getting the complete story? They are enlightening an entire city to the world of fashion, and you are going to drag them through the mud like this? I guess I’m just a bit bummed out about the way Missbehave went about this whole ordeal, turning another mole hill into a mountain. I was hoping that what happened between the two of us in the past was just a rare situation, but my doubts have certainly grown stronger with this second disregard for their actions.

Missbehave ing Yet Again

Krudmart is full of very good, hard working people who have had a tremendously positive impact on the entire city of Buffalo. I’ll be the first to support and stick my neck out for a hometown business, but when it’s full of good people like Krudmart is, it makes it that much easier. Much love to everyone at Krudmart, and I look forward to coming in and saying what’s up next time I’m in town, and to check out all the new chicks who will be hanging out there now of course (I’m sorry I had to say something). Best of luck to both Krudmart and Missbehave.

For both sides of the story, be sure to check out the Krudmart blog and the Missbehave blog.

Article by Corey Moran

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