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Misshapes Go Mainstream (Yeah, It’s Not The First Time, But This Time It’s Major)

Misshapes Go Mainstream (Yeah, Its Not The First Time, But This Time Its Major) fashion
Leigh Lezark seems to be poised and ready to ditch the two other skeletors from the DJ group Misshapes to become her own little fashion powerhouse. Thank god, cause Leigh has always been and will always be the most interesting piece of the Misshapes puzzle.
She just signed a worldwide representation and endorsement deal with IMG, which means her face will become so “it” you’ll want to vomit from Leigh overload.  This is a big step for the fashion newcomer and will undoubtingly cement her as a bonafide future style icon.
In other news, the Misshapes plan for rock out with their emaciated cocks out on June 7th as they celebrate the launch of their new website (so lame). The party will take place at the Tribeca Grand and will most likely be part of the Grand Life series of events (oh so flippin fun, you have no idea).
Much love from Fashion Indie Leigh, we’ve been addicted to your career for some time and we’re glad you’re still relevant enough for us to want to talk about you.
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