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by on October 12, 2012

If you think supermodels are just the lucky few who can eat whatever they want and still look good, think again. They have no magic secrets and haven’t sold their souls in exchange for fabulous figures. If we’ve learned anything from gathering their go-to workout routines, it’s that they work damn hard for what they’ve got.

Adriana Lima
This Victoria’s Secret model is not only a gorgeous woman, she’s also an honest one. Forget hearing from some models that they eat whatever they want and were “blessed” with the best. Adriana Lima admits keeping her runway ready figure is f*cking hard. When she’s in real crunch time before Victoria’s Secret Runway Show, she hits the gym twice a day doing things like boxing, lifting weights and jumping rope. One thing Ms. Lima thinks is key? The intensity of your workout rather than the amount of time you spend there. So, reading our favorite magazines while slowly walking on the treadmill doesn’t count as intense?


Contributed by Caitlin Hacker