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Models Making Music

Models Making Music fashion

“All we need to do is get Sean [Lennon] and Patti in the same town and make sure Pete’s not in prison and we can get rolling”

-joked Irina Lazareanu

Yes Irina Lazareanu is releasing an album, with the help of her celebrity pals. Although it’s not that odd because she was somewhat of a musician or at least muse to one Pete Doherty before her modeling career blew up.  Lazareanu said at the party celebrating the release of the Purple Anthology at Collette in Paris that the album would be released in September. In case you didn’t know that ‘Patti’ would be Patti Smith and ‘Pete’ is of course Pete “crack pipe’ Doherty and Sean Lennon is helping too somehow. Sure why not? What’s the point of having fab celebrity friends if you can’t use them for your benefit?!

All I can I say is I hope that this goes over better than ScarJo’s music attempt.

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