Moments of Style: Jenny From The Block Y’know what’s so sad?  Everybody is so worried about, “Oh My GAHD!  Where is Jennifer’s wedding ring?”  I thought it is was more important to notice how beautiful and radiant she looked after squeezing two screaming larva out of her birthing shoot.  She should look like Jabba The Hut on disability.  It’s obviously a Hanukkah miracle sent by sweet baby Jesus.  I mean even the poster of Brad Pitt in the back istryin to check out that fine Puerto Rican fatback.  I personally was completely and totally taken with her fabulous breastical balls.  I thought it was Christmas already and Santa was paying me back for being a deadbeat when he didn’t bring me those D&G leopard print jeans that I wanted back in 97′.  I’m still a little bitter about that………….Santa don’t let me catch you in the street!