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by on July 15, 2008

Even though I am indeed a woman there are some things that make me feel emasculated and Joseph “Joey” Lawrence is one of them. Here he is strutting his stuff in Studio City.

Moments of UnStyle: Joey LawrenceAnd he’s straight ladies. Well at least he says he is. Don’t believe me, here he is with his ‘wife’ and daughter:

Moments of UnStyle: Joey Lawrence

Remember Joey circa Blossom? He was a Jock. If he saw himself today he would kick Joseph’s ass! He’s almost more metrosexual-than Ryan Seacrest…almost.

Moments of UnStyle: Joey Lawrence

[photo source]


Contributed by Lauren Garroni

There once was a girl from California who bitch slapped Anna Wintour and then called Andre Leon Tally a fatty. That girl wasn't me but god was she fucking cool. Love: foreign fashion magazines, newstands, charlotte rampling, silent movies Hate: Lilo, ScarJo, The Zoe, trends, but chiefly hipsters-fuck hipsters