Mother Mary Would Not Be Happy

Mother Mary Would Not Be Happy

Correct me if I am wrong, but there is something terribly disturbing about celebrities who correct their unsuccessful past relationships by robbing the cradle. Madonna, like many others, has had her fair share of spotlight boyfriends and breakups, but I certainly hoped she wouldn’t fall into the Demi Moore trap of dating boys who should be doing keg stands at their respective college’s frat house. Apparently the celebrity world is a world where age is not an issue. Madonna is 50 and her new Brazilian model man candy Jesus Luz is 20. Easy math here. She was married to Sean Penn with a successful career when this kid was running around in diapers!

By all means, Madonna, he is quite the looker…if you can still attract sexy, foreign models even with your age, track record, wrinkles and menopausal symptoms riding on your back, all the power to you! However, if this is a mid-life crisis relationship for the tabloids, I would crucify what you have going with Jesus before the holy trinity spites your ass! 


Thanks NY Mag!

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