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Edited by on March 1 2011 at 5:55 PM

If you want a proper “Sex-Pop” song, you call Billy Steinberg, the man who started it all. Steinberg is famed for producing and jump-starting Madonna’s career with a little song called, “Like A Virgin.” Employing an ever so poppy beat, with the help of super producer Greg Kurstin, the colorful sounds could be described as Vanity 6′s “Nasty Girl” in the year of 2012. The guitar riffs paired with Lolita- esque tongue in cheek lyrics are a combination that even Miss Spears wished she had when she was eighteen. SEX RULES! A fun mantra, that every teen will be able to enjoy.  Sky’s sophisticated vocals glide through an anthemic chorus which makes “Sex Rules” an underrated pop anthem for all of the oh-so-hip Valley girls and male DJs in the world. 



Buy the song on iTunes  Click Here!


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Story by Alex Kazemi

I try to speak for a generation.