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Edited by on March 4 2011 at 1:55 PM


Music Review: Till the World Ends   Britney Spears

It isn’t apparent that Ke$ha wrote Britney’s second single off seventh studio album Femme Fatale, which is a very good thing.

So good in fact, that Ke$ha should just halt her career as a singer and join Dr. Luke’s camp as a song-writer since she seems to put much more effort into the careers of others than her own.   Britney has always been known for implementing fun slang and quotable lyrics. This time around “If you want this good ish/ Sicker than the remix ,” fits in very well with today’s culture.  Thank you, Ke$ha.  The verses and hook show off an impressive never-before-heard vocal delivery until it gets drowned in a chopped and screwed chorus that really just concludes the chopped-and-screwed thing is getting as played out as dubstep. But it’s fine… She redeems herself with an infectious Middle 8 over a classic Britney sugar-coated dance beat you just can’t deny.  Voila, power-pop anthem. “Till The World Ends,” is going to smash parties all around the galaxy. “WOAH OH-OH-OH-OH- AHHHH…”



Story by Alex Kazemi

I try to speak for a generation.