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by on September 4, 2012

Not hours after Cosmopolitan announced that Marie Claire editor Jonna Coles would be replacing Kate White as editor-and-chief of the fashion mag, Marie Claire already has their replacement ready to go! Anne Fulenwider is moving from Brides magazine to Marie Claire and our heads are spinning trying to keep up. 

Musical Chairs: Editor in Chief Edition, <i>Marie Claire</i> and <i>Cosmopolitan</i> Switch Things Up

Kate White, Joanna Coles, and Anne Fulenwider

Joanna Coles has spent the last six years as editor and chief of Marie Claire magazine, but now she is moving on to replace former editor Kate White as editor and chief of Cosmopolitan.

To take Coles’ place is none other than the editor of Brides magazine Anne Fulenwider. She will take over as the editor of Marie Claire and one can only wonder the repercussions of this game of editors musical chairs.

Prior to working for Brides, Fulenwider worked for two years underneath Coles as the executor editor of the magazine. Fulenwider’s return is an exhilarating announcement for the fashion industry.

In regards to her excitement to return to the fashion mag Fulenwider stated, “I have such a strong attachment to the brand and what it delivers to the savvy, stylish women who read it. I look forward to contributing to its continued success on every front—from print to digital to television.”

The anticipation regarding the new leadership of two of the industry’s most influential magazines is immeasurable. With the release of the September issues behind us, we now have the prospect of what new direction the new editors will take their magazines to hold us over for the next month. And we can’t wait to see the result.


Contributed by Emily Draznik

Chicago transplant and aspiring gay icon. I hold the belief that puns are the highest form of humor and love writing about fashion and everything in between.