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Naked Gems: Design Your Own Gemstone Necklace

If you’re a colored gemstone fan you must try out the new customizable jewelry site Gemvara. Seen everywhere from Lucky Magazine to the Emmy red carpets, their Naked Gems Collection  is chic, super wearable, and fun to customize.  More details after the jump.

Naked Gems: Design Your Own Gemstone Necklace

The site is simple, clean, and makes customizing your jewelry really easy.  With each click, you can see their combo options between gemstones and chain metals so you know exactly what your custom piece will look like.  We had a lot of fun designing a sterling silver chain paired with their new, super dark London Blue Topaz gemstone.

Also of note, their customer service is amazing — we were notified every step of the way  from its production here in NYC to the moment the necklace arrived at our door (beautifully packaged by the way). Looking exactly as it did online, the piece is perfect for all our upcoming holiday events, a definite keeper for that perfect pop of color.  For more information, visit them at

Written by Tracey

Born and raised in San Francisco and rep it to the fullest, but I love my life in New York. In my world, it's all about vintage furs, Ray Ban aviators, riding boots and gaudy gold jewelry. I have the cutest dog ever and I'm not just saying that because he's mine...