NaturevsFuture: Design with a Conscience

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NaturevsFuture: Design with a Conscience fashion

Nina Valenti, Founder and Designer of naturevsfuture, doesn’t want to be referred to as just an eco apparel or organic designer. These catch phrases have been key to the recent Eco marketing/branding movement. “To me, aesthetic comes first and I’d rather be known as a designer who consciously uses organic and sustainable fibers and materials and local production,” she says. Using fabrics like organic cottons and wools, hemp, soy, bamboo, seacell® (seaweed), lyocell (wood pulp), IngeoTM (created from corn), along with recycled and technological fabrics such as Polartec® (made from soda pop bottles or industry waste), she creates pieces that have a futuristic edge yet are inherently classic. Her collection has a strong blend of European and Asian flavors and a striking architectural feel balancing line and texture. And with the current trend in “Slow Fashion” which emphasizes classic styles, multi-season versatility, and low volume production vs the “Fast Fashion” of one season, disposable garments, we think naturevsfuture is here to stay.

After graduating from Parsons, Valenti began designing streetwear in the industry. Six years later, she decided to start naturevsfuture, a passion which she refers to as “artistic expression of organic futurism via clothing.” Since then, she has become a staple at The Market NYC on Mulberry Street. In the last few years she has also seen her wholesale business grow along with her brand, naturevsfuture, becoming more well-known. “I’ve been incorporating organic and sustainable fibers in each collection before the whole green marketing movement became mainstream,” So now that everything from potato chips to t-shirts to bedsheets are being marketed as organic, what does she think of the whole green bandwagon? “It’s a good bandwagon to jump on if what they are marketing is true. It also creates more awareness and has a positive effect on our environment.”

Naturevsfuture is sold in stores across the United States and Canada, with some stores in Europe and Japan.

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