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by on December 20, 2010

Burberry stands atop Generation-Y mountain, according to a new study.

The brand has gambled more than other luxury retailers in reaching out to young shoppers via Web marketing, social media and public relations.

And like those years of jazz flute lessons I took – it’s payed off for the brand.

New Study Reveals Burberry Dominates Gen Y

Everybody wants a piece of Generation-Y, but few understand how to reach the tricky consumers.

Perhaps more than any other brand, Burberry is seeing success. ”[Burberry is] establishing direct, authentic relationships with their consumers via social and digital media,” said Kate Barnett of L2 New York.

After leap-frogging the 3 million mark with Facebook fans, Burberry saw a true boost in online sales. The luxury retailer courts young shoppers where it counts, and it’s reaped real rewards for its efforts.

Now, if we can just get them to lower prices for cool kids like us on occasion…

[Link Love: Luxury Daily]


Contributed by Josh Linam

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