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New Years Resolutions Actually Worth Resolving

Is it a problem if my only resolution is “More Chanel”.

New Years Resolutions Actually Worth Resolving

Resolution 1, make horns happen. Resolution 2, stop making this face.


New Years resolutions. Fun. Most people aim low, year after year, going for the basics, like lose weight or read more, I want to aim for something bigger, I want to be famous and rich and more importantly have a never ending closet of Alexander McQueen, Charlotte Olympia and Isabel Marant. I also resolve to be skinnier, healthier, become a street style magnet, and more loving towards the people around me, mostly my husband who usually gets treated like an emotional punching bag, taking my complaints in the most comedic way possible. At least I want to believe all of this.

I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am today, both personally and professionally. Marriage is hard, and running a company (or two) is even harder, especially with your husband, finding the separation between work and love to be almost non-existent. People don’t understand how we survive being together about 23 hours a day, but we manage to make it work, with only a bit of bruising and emotional scarring along the way.  So this year, I resolve to do more for myself, in hopes of reaching my dreams.

Man, this post went in a totally different direction than expected.

The scenes above are from New Years Eve. Saynt and I hit up a private dinner with friends, drank bottle after bottle of Sofia, a Francis Ford Coppola Vineyard champaign. So Delish.

I stunned in a Tracy Reese babydoll dress, a pair of Kenneth Cole Furry heels, and a black knotted bag from Balenciaga, a recent find from Barney’s New York.

Written by Beca Alexander

My spirit animal is Michelle Harper.