On last night’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen invited fashion icons Iman and Diane von Furstenberg to shoot the shit, impart some wisdom and solve world hunger. According to DVF, the best snack that won’t make you gain weight are your nails. Problem. Solved.

Nixon Inspired the Wrap Dress and Other Things Learned from DVF and ImanJulie Nixon was the first “celebrity” DVF saw wearing her designs and subsequently inspired the wrap dress.

“She wore a little wrap top with a matching skirt and I thought that was really nice. That’s when I decided actually to attach it and turn it into a dress.”

Well, at least that presidency gave the nation something worth remembering. Speaking of remembering, Iman and DVF take us down memory lane to the first time they met.  It was over 30 years ago at Lord & Taylor when DVF spotted that stunning giraffe glide into the room – “this extraordinary creature. You’v never seen anything so beautiful in your life.”

She approached the extraordinary creature and asked if she was a model – duh –  then asked her for her number. Iman kneeled in an “extraordinary” way and they’ve been friends ever since.

According to Iman, however:

“I don’t kneel for anybody like that except David Bowie and Diane von Furstenberg.”

Andy tried to touch on their time at 54, but they both pleaded the 5th. I’ll just assume that means they can’t discuss it lest they face federal imprisonment and/or deportation.

Check out the Bravo website for some more iconic wisdom and the video below for an Iman-tage of the super’s greatest moments from The Fashion Show so far. One word: amazeballs.


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