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No One Is Listening!

No One Is Listening! fashion

A couple weeks ago we told you that the tanning beds had been deemed a class 1 carcinogen, just as bad as smoking cigarettes. I had hoped that some of you would listen, but news has it no one is staying away from the death beds. Beach Bum Tanning has recently reported that business has continued as per usual since the news reports. Come on people! I knew I wasn’t going to put the places out of business, but there’s not even the slightest decrease in the number of individuals hitting the beds. I know we all like our color, but trust me I don’t think its worth the Melanoma.

LINKAGE: New York Times

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  • Ria
    I am absolutely in 100% agreement. I'm a pale redhead, and I used to use tanning beds because I thought that only tan people were beautiful. Then I learned that redheads are the most likely to get skin cancer out of any hair color, and are the most prone to damage from the sun(I'm going to predict that Lindsay Lohan will have mellanoma in about a year).
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