Not My Bag Baby!

Selectsim featured a couple bags from Dior Homme today, saying how great they were, and that they are the highlight of the Homme collection. Now normally I would start bashing Selectism, but they are good folk, and even the best slip up every once in awhile. I will however go on to comment on these bags, and how they aren’t all they are cracked up to be. In a time where leather is back and stronger than ever, why settle for some low grade patent leather like these bags? The pricing on these bags is way to high for what they are too. You are paying for the Dior name on a bag that in no way shows that it’s Dior. Might I recommend going out and buying an all leather Surface To Air Bag, or something similar?

On a much lighter note, Dior Homme pulled a fast one on all of us, and opened up an online store without too many people knowing. The store has some decent prices, and I will go against the grain on this and say that despite what Selectism believes, I would have to say they’re hightops are the best deal, mostly because they are impossible to find anywhere.

Have at it indies, all the Dior Homme you could ever want!