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New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Amy and Sam February 13 at 8:57 | Comments | TWEET THIS

Fashion week may be over, but the make-up trends we saw are burned into our craniums. Surprisingly, the looks are doable for the fashion forward, non-models. (Read: Girls Like You and Girls Like Us!)

This season, it was all about smoky eyes and nude lips. Yawn, right? No way. This perennial look has been updated and modernized. Smoky eyes aren’t black or raccoonish; rather, slate and icy shades of grey in all sorts of textures like matte, shimmery, satin, and full-bore, intense color were the order of the day. Faces were generally contoured and sculpted –hello non-surgical, yet non-God-given cheekbones! This look proves our theory that make up is truly a miracle! The bare faces emphasized model’s strong features and the look was achieved through alternating white, brown, and beige powders. We recommend MAC Sculpt and Shape Powder to give you definition that you didn’t get from your gene pool! Lips were, well, lipless; they were nude to the point of looking corpse-like; puckers were smoothed with concealer and sometimes coated with gloss, and they disappeared into the skin. But for the most part, the models looked like mouthless dolls. We know; you’re thinking that makes sense, since most models subsist on Tic Tacs and Diet Coke!

New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends fashionNew York Fashion Week Beauty Trends fashion

On the flip, though, there was almost a ’60s influenced color trend. Pops of colors like electric fuschia, neon orange, and brilliant blue were blinding: on the eyes and on the mouth, and glitter just won’t go away. No matter how hard we may try to ignore o bury this trend into the effing ground, it still shows up on lashlines in fashion shows. Hopefully, that is where glitter will remain.

While many of these trends are designed for the runway, not the real way, they were easily translatable to the street. We’d suggest using a more beige-toned lipstick or gloss to achieve that super sexified minimal lip, and lighter shades o’ grey to smoke out the eye without looking like you belong in the Panda cage at the Bronx Zoo.

New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends fashionNew York Fashion Week Beauty Trends fashion

Our verdict: Well, you can’t go wrong with smoky eyes. Sculpting is a super modern make up technique, and when done right, it can enhance your face and highlight those gorgeous features. Done wrong? You’ll look like you’re still wearing your accident victim costume after Halloween.

Stay tuned next week. After we root through our beauty loot, we’ll report back on some of our fave, new finds. See ya then.

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