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Oh No! My Toe!

Oh No! My Toe!  photo

This lawsuit is almost as stupid as Libeck v. McDonalds…you know, the one where the woman “didn’t know” her coffee was hot and scalded her lap when it spilled. This time, Kerry Burdick of Pennsylvania, sued Crocs because her son’s toe got mangled when his foot got caught in an escalator. Sounds to me like a case of bad parenting, a mom allowing her 3-year-old to ride on an escalator. Lucky for her, Burdick snagged $7.5 million because she blamed Crocs for the boo-boo on the big toe. Apparently Crocs has had over 60 complaints due to escalator injuries and agreed to add an escalator warning label in the near future. 

I’m leaving it up to you, my fellow indies, to warn the rest of middle America about this Croc/ escalator madness and help me get these hideous excuses for footwear off the streets of our nation. 


Thanks Dlisted!


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