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Oh You Brits and Your Celebrities

Oh You Brits and Your Celebrities  fashion

I’m not quite sure who Pixie Geldof is. That’s not true I know she’s the daughter of Bob Geldof, that guy who does all those “Live 8″ and “Live Aid” concerts, and she is famous for partying in London. OH and she is cursed with a god-awful name Little Pixie Geldof! Evidently that is enough to merit a cover on a magazine at the age of 18! Here she is on the cover of Tatler magazine. And I have to say I am loving this cover. I have hated that Miu Miu dress since I saw it on the runway, but somehow it looks awesome on her. She is styled to perfection with those industrial accessories  and that revamped military hat.

She also is blessed with the right amount of airbrushing. Not to say she was ugly before, but she just happens to look like a different person on the cover. Let’s just say that when I searched for a photo of her this came up:

Oh You Brits and Your Celebrities  fashion

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