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OmniPeace Swimwear

L-Space and OmniPeace to Launch a New Swim-Wear Line

Summertime is here and L-Space by Monica Wise swimwear is collaborating with OmniPeace and launching a new swim wear line. This line will further contribute to OmniPeace’s over all goal to promote peace, education, human rights and end extreme poverty in Africa by 2025. Each design is named after African villages affiliated with OmniPeace and feature coconut detailing and bone-like motifs. You can see the chic new designs at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami on July 17th. The new swimsuits will be available at stores towards the end of July. We’ll keep you posted! L*Space for OmniPeace will retail for approximately $130 with 20% of all proceeds going to support OmniPeace’s efforts in Africa.

Go to www.OmniPeace.com to learn more about OmniPeace and to buy OmniPeace gear!

SOURCE: OmniPeace Swimwear

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