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One Blogger’s Mission to Style Juicy Couture

It’s no surprise that no matter how much you try, the first thing you think of when you think Juicy Couture is velour track suits. Sandra from 5 Inches and Up has different things in mind.

One Bloggers Mission to Style Juicy Couture

Helsinki based blogger Sandra Hagelstam has managed to make the impossible possible. She’s styled looks from Juicy Couture that don’t rape our minds with thoughts of Jersey Shore rejects. Skipping the track suit for a quilted bubble vest and plaid pants the blogger has managed a head to toe Juicy look worth shopping for. Apparently, the public agrees. Both items are currently sold out on Shopbop.

One Bloggers Mission to Style Juicy CoutureOne Bloggers Mission to Style Juicy Couture

Check out more of Sandra’s looks here.


Contributed by Daniel Saynt, Creative Director

I'm a fashionite living in NYC trying to make a name for myself in one of the most cutthroat, backstabby industries in the world. Wish me luck. Reach me at [email protected]