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Edited by on February 2 2012 at 4:30 PM

If you live in New York – or any city with old buildings for that matter – and inhabit an apartment that uses dry steam heat, your skin is most likely irritated every day in the cold weather months. But even if you’re only battling the elements rather than old-fashioned contraptions, you’re probably suffering from dry, flaky, itchy skin that both looks and feels uncomfortable. But not to fear, FashionIndie is here with our four favorite moisturizers that will leave you with nothing but soft and supple skin everyone will envy.


Zelens 3t Complex Essential Anti-Ageing Cream
Developed by Dr. Marko Lens, the ingredients in this unique, plant-derived “3t” complex are known for their protective and regenerative properties. Not only will this day and night cream leave your skin feeling hydrated and looking younger, the formula is clinically proven to firm, smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  $150 Zelens

Story by Amanda Gabriele

I stole my first pair of platforms from the Spice Bus in 1997 when Anglophilia was all the rage. Collector of vintage bags, vinyl and kitchen appliances. My dream of becoming a butcher is momentarily on hiatus so I can teach you how to wear muumuus and apply false eyelashes. Follow me on Twitter @CrystlMeatballs.