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Edited by on February 16 2011 at 12:32 PM

Look out. This time Fashion Indie is asking the questions.

Part 2: Fashion Indie Interviews Karolina Kurkova

Josh Linam: Mercedes Benz is such a cool company. What do you think of Mercedes-Benz as a brand?

Karolina Kurkova: Well it’s a very classic, timeless brand. It’s innovative. They always have the safest cars. It’s luxurious but subtle without being too flashy. And I think it’s wonderful that they’re creating this event and supporting all these different fashion shows around the world where people can show their work.

Yes, actually that leads into my next question – what does it mean for Mercedes-Benz to sponsor Fashion Week, which is the epicenter for all things stylish?

I think it’s a great collaboration. Mercedes-Benz is very stylish and modern; it’s innovative, and it’s luxury. And it goes very well with fashion. It’s about trends, the newest and best things. Also, Mercedes-Benz is a lifestyle brand. It’s just not about the cars – it’s what they represent. You’ll see a lot of people who are a part of fashion week, designers, models and celebrities driving the cars.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week incorporates some of the best technology around. How do you see technology changing fashion?

I’m always amazed how technology is pushing the envelope and how it’s changing so quickly. You can see everything online right away. The things that are happening simultaneously, everyone can see it. I have a fan page on Facebook. It’s amazing how quick things happen. It’s so instant!

Are there any drawbacks about technology becoming such a part of fashion?

Sometimes there’s not that mystery or surprise or privacy. Almost everything is out there. People want everything right away. Maybe it’s not the greatest for the young generation who spends so much time online. They get so much into that world, and there’s so much more to see outside the Internet.

What are your favorite fashion Web sites or blogs to check out?

Well I just got to meet this guy, Bryan Boy. He’s so crazy, but he’s very sweet, very real and so true to his roots. He’s from the Phillipines, and he still goes back there. He’s very trendy and he’s a big fashionista, but he’s not affected by it. He’s still a true, real person, and I can feel that. I think he’s fun, and I like his style.

Last question for you. What’s your favorite thing to wear on a night out?

Well, I don’t have just one look. I’m someone who dresses by mood, by the weather and by where I am, my location. It could be from jeans to boots to a t-shirt and leather jacket to a beautiful Hervé Leger or Azzadine Alaïa dress with flats or high heels. So I’m really someone who dresses by where I am. It’s got to be comfortable, look effortless and classic, and have a personality.

Karolina’s newest, sizzling spread for Mercedes-Benz:

Part 2: Fashion Indie Interviews Karolina Kurkova

Story by Josh Linam

I eat fashion for breakfast. Cashmere sweaters taste funny.