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PEOPLE TO KNOW: Tomi & Cherry

PEOPLE TO KNOW: Tomi & Cherry fashion

PEOPLE TO KNOW: Tomi & Cherry fashion

PEOPLE TO KNOW: Tomi & Cherry fashion

Not sure exactly where I found these two, but I am so glad that I did (so much that I want to tell everyone I know, and all of you Indies that I don’t know about it).  Formally Tomás and Geraldine, these childhood friends have created one hell of a design team that puts LaChapelle at the end of the line.  Photographer and artist Tomi, and artist/illustrator/graphic designer/teacher Cherry reside in Argentina and are constantly creating the most insane work I’ve ever seen.   A big way these two are creating such off-the-wall work is because of their similar visions, and passion for art.  Tomi described to me:


“How we work together, is by doing everything side by side. We work together from the beginning designing and manufacturing the scenography’s, and also afterwards taking the pictures (deciding best angle for the shoots and illuminating a scene together). So we don’t credit our work separately as nowadays our knowledges are melting into each other more and more.. usually we credit as doing the photos together, as the final photo is the result of all the work previusly done. But it’s not like I’m specifically the photographer and Cherry the set designer.”
So like I said, are awesome, their work is crazy, you HAVE to look at it. Please go over to Cult right now.
Check out their website for more info, links, etc.  Previously, they have worked with Converse, , 90+10 mag, and tons more…Currently, Tomi and Cherry have been working with Pure Pacha Ibiza, , Jimmy Noise, and 


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