Lies! Deceit! Complete and utter coverup! Things did not end so harmoniously, as Ashlee Simpson‘s camp claimed in her divorce with Pete Wentz. Apparently Pete pleaded with Ashlee not to leave.

Pete Wentz, Get Up Off Your Knees Son

According to reports, Pete is “getting divorced against his will.” The former Fall Out Boy member wanted Ashlee to stay, but she walked out the door like a stone cold, plastic-faced robot. She was fed up.

Pete, here’s the thing. We know you’re a nice guy; we realize you’re soft spoken. But you need to grow a pair. The girl thought you’d work well as a power couple, but you didn’t. Get up off your knees, dust your shoulders off and get back in the game.

This relationship provides further proof that pop stars shouldn’t marry emo guys. It’s like mixing sparkles with dirt. Or plastic smiles with makeup-stained tears. Or ‘who cares with ‘who cares.’ Over it.