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Edited by on March 7 2011 at 2:30 PM

Erez Sabag is generating top images for some of the world’s most elite publications. The photographer has shot for magazines like ElleGQ and InStyle Russia; he’s snapped a richly diverse set of celebrities such as Maria Sharapova, Bjork and Martin Scorsese. See Fashion Indie’s exclusive interview with Erez here…

Photographer Erez Sabag Shares his Shooting Style


Photographer Erez Sabag Shares his Shooting Style

Photographer Erez Sabag Shares his Shooting Style

Photographer Erez Sabag Shares his Shooting Style

Photographer Erez Sabag Shares his Shooting Style

Erez works with one of fashion’s most visionary and relevant agencies, Kate Ryan. His style blends striking high fashion concepts with subtle artistic undertones. One has only to catch sight of Erez’s photography to realize his deep passion for his profession.

Recently Fashion Indie was awarded the chance to ask Erez about his incredible images and views on the industry. Here’s what the multimedia artist had to say.

Who or what influenced and shaped your photography style?

I began shooting at 16. As a teen growing up in Israel, I was always interested in magazines like The Face. Nick Knight and Javier Vallhonrat were photographers I admired.

The turning-point came when I moved to Paris to shoot for magazines like l’Uomo VogueDetour and 20 ans (of which Emmanuelle Alt, today editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, was fashion director).

You can still see traces of that influence in my work as a director and multi-media artist. For example I did a show at the International Fashion Festival in Japan, “Master Minds of Mode,” which was all about painting my subjects with lighting.

So many of your portrait shots not only convey a message, but have an artistic nature infused within. What’s involved in the creative process to capture your photos?

To each portrait shoot I bring 100% of my energy. I aim to capture the best of each subject, looking from the perspective of a warm heart with a cinematic sensibility. I’m only satisfied when magic happens on set, and have been fortunate to work with an amazingly talented team.

I spent almost three years shooting images for my first book “My Favorite T-Shirt,” which explores the lives of artists in New York. It was a fulfilling journey for me as an artist, very pure and honest – no digital, no retouching and no cropping. It felt like I was seeing everything for the first time.

I’m amazed with how you use location and setting to create a real depth in so many of your images. What are some secrets to making your surroundings work for you and not against you?

Some places really inspire me, such as Azerbaijan where I shot a story for Baku. You can see how we enjoyed shooting this in a behind-the-scenes video we made. I enjoy integrating subject and setting, creating a synthesis. An inspiring location helps create dynamism, movement and high energy, as well as the interaction of textures, colors and light. Trying to do justice to the setting, you have to make sure you’re not distracted from your subject.

What advice might you have for other young photographers who would like to achieve the same level you’re at?

Keep going. There are so many others in the field now, but you have to focus on ensuring that the amount of love you have for the craft shows up in the images. Trust yourself!

What’s your favorite camera to use on a fashion photography shoot?

I use Hasselblad with p+30, P45, Canon 5D Mark2 and MAMYA RZ. It all depends on the project.

See the rest of the interview + more pics on LookBooks.

Story by Josh Linam

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