Posh in sweats?

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Posh in sweats? fashion

She usually presents a carefully crafted image to the world and is famously more Posh than Sporty.

But this is Victoria Beckham looking refreshingly ‘normal’ without a scrap of make-up as she glows after a two-hour session at the gym.

Victoria mingled happily with other fitness fans following her workout at the club that she now visits six days a week.

One member of the ultra-exclusive Sports Club LA in Beverly Hills, where membership costs £1,500 a year, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Posh is always low-key when she comes here.

‘She wears normal gym gear and is always happy to hang out and have a juice and a chat afterwards.

‘She’s remarkably normal and doesn’t seem to care if people see her sweaty with no make-up on.

'She’s confident in her looks and actually looks way better without all the war paint slapped on.’

The mother of three, who recently turned 35, has embraced LA’s gym culture, running eight miles a day on the treadmill.

'She has also tried Pilates and spinning – arduous sessions on an exercise bike.

Stars such as Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and Justin Timberlake train at the gym.

The source said: ‘Posh is in great shape and says she has never felt better. 

'She’s naturally thin but says she is eating more now because the workouts have fired up her metabolism.

'She’s become a real gym bunny and says if she misses a session she can feel it. 

In a recent interview, Victoria talked about her love of exercise, saying: ‘I feel energised and healthy.

‘I get up in the morning, drop the kids off at school and then go to the gym. It helps me think properly for the rest of the day.


 ‘David puts music into my iPod for me, so I listen to that while I work out, and Gordon Ramsay bought me trainers that have a little chip allowing you to clock how far you’re running.'

She isn't look quite as "thin"…maybe getting some more calories in there.


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