Dazzle in blue heels featuring @Stradivarius and @MarcJacobs #OOTD

Aug 23, 2013 - by Seams for a desire



I bought these heels almost a month ago and I didn’t know what to do with them because it was like love at first sight but I was not sure if it was true love… Sometimes I buy clothes that I think than I’m going to wear a lot and then I only wear them once/twice but above everything I have to waste my money in shoes that I don’t wear a lot! I know that maybe it sounds weird or silly but I can’t stand seeing shoes almost new in my closet.. I can’t! Anyway, what I love the most are the little colorful stones because that touch reminds me of Isabel Marant shoes but for sure I am the only one who think like this :) It’s soon to clear up whether they’ll be a gem in my closet or not but for sure they will see great in simple outfits like this one now and then during fall, so we will see!

Kisses and have a nice weekend! We are back from Almeria and as always we had a blast enjoying not only the quality time with the family but also the good times at the beach. I love to travel and all the girl’s stuff but nothing makes me more happy than spend time in the beach and be with my man, all I need to be the happiest girl in the world :) Love!

Wearing: Sweater – Vintage, Shorts – Stradivarius (SS 13), Heels – Stradivarius (SS 13), Bag – Lovelix, Necklace – Choies, Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs

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