3 Things Your Stylist Needs to Know to Style this Feminine Pixie Cut

Aug 03, 2013 - by Nick Arrojo

We love the boyish gutsiness of a classic pixie, but going short doesn’t have to mean veering toward androgyny. This highly texture version is full of feminine detailing; a long fringe, soft edges, and face framing tendrils give this cut a delicate feel. Silver-beige blonde reflects as a sultry ash-based tone, which enhances the frayed texture, and gives the color a dusty shimmer.

Step 1: Ask your stylist to cut your short look with a razor. This tool will blur the edges of your shape and can quickly transition from short to long, creating space and softness.

Step 2: This cut would work with any color, but blonde shades show off internal movement best. Ask your colorist what tone and vibrancy is most flattering for you.

Step 3: Styling products can have a huge impact on shorter styles. Keep a few different options on hand for quick transformations. A few of our favorites are texture paste (which gives the hair a matte slept in finish), pomade (for shine and soft separation), and hair crème (for satiny smooth grooming and control).

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