La Carmina Picks 3 Hong Kong Shops You Can't Miss

May 31, 2013 - by LA CARMINA. Japanese Fashion Blog, Goth style blogger, Tokyo Japan Gothic Lolita, Travel TV host

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Streetwear blogger La Carmina travels non-stop. Days after a press trip to Montreal, she is boarding a plane for Hong Kong to do a magazine cover shoot in China!

(Above, LaCarmina wearing Hong Kong clothing brands: a bunny scarf from the Miffy clothing store, and shoes from Izzue.)

文地貓, toro mandycat, Cute cat character tshirts, Mandycat

I was in Hong Kong last September, and already miss the shopping. The fashion turns over quickly, and cute cats are a popular design motif.

While strolling in K11 Art Mall last autumn, I discovered a new brand, Mandycats.

Ginger Toro x 文地貓教室, 期間限定主題店, ginger shop hong kong

So many cute cat faces.

Cute cat ring, silver cat rings, Toro Mandycat, cute hong kong stores

I bought this silver wrap-around kitty ring. I had to. (Here’s a similar cat-faced ring.)

It’s hard to pass up shopping in Hong Kong when prices are low, there’s no tax, and you can’t get these items anywhere else. To get prices in US dollars, divide by eight.

Cute cat tshirts, 文地貓, cats stationery

The stationery is cute without being too childish. If you like the items above, check out this Kutusita Nyanko cat pencil case.

Cute cat character tshirts, Toro Mandycat, asia streetwear

The felines took over several locations of Ginger, the t-shirt and accessories stores.

Cute cat character tshirts, Toro Mandycat, mandy cat

I bought the striped t-shirt dress on the far left. You can see me wearing it in my Hong Kong travel video.

mona lisa made from toast, k11 mall, k-11 mall hong kong

The pop-up shop was in K-11, the art-themed shopping mall in Tsim Tsa Tsui. It’s relatively new, and has a Mona Lisa made of toast in the entrance.

dreidel chairs, K11 art mall, Hong Kong TST

K11 houses many design shops and random installations, such as these dreidel-chairs…

paper sneakers, best hong kong shops, asian clothes

Sneakers made of paper…

stuffed bear sneakers, teddy bear sneakers, plush toy shoes

,,, and neon plush teddy bear shoes!

Doraemon store, ding dong, doraemon character goods

Since we’re on the subject of cats… Doraemon had a limited edition fashion collaboration with Hong Kong clothing brand Chocoolate.

Doraemon chocoolate, ding dong anniversary, boutiques tsim tsa tsui,

Last simmer, Doraemon (or Ding Dong, as he’s known in Chinese) celebrated his “100th birthday” with a hundred cat-statues in Hong Kong Harbour. Remember John Skeleton’s photos of theDoraemon anniversary exhibit?

doraemon tshirts, fashion line, pancakes

Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, almost all the items had sold out. Only the pancake pillows were left.

chocoolate, hong kong, wallace and gromit

On the bright side, Chocoolate is always doing enticing collaborations with cute characters. In 2011, they worked with Snoopy. Last fall’s line featured Wallace and Gromit.

Cute cat character tshirts, Toru Mandycat, mandy cat, cat face clothes, hong kong boutiques, cute kitty clothing line

Thoughts on Hong Kong’s fashion, compared to Japan’s? Are you intrigued by Chinese street style?

For more from K-11 mall, read my post about making candy at Sticky, a custom confectionery shop.

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