TO DO: Bikini Happiness At @Thompson_LES

Aug 05, 2013 - by VicFrid


‘Summertime girls got it going on, shake and wiggle to a hip hop song, summertime girls are the kind I like…’ - Summer Girls, LFO

When you live in NYC, there is nothing better than being able to escape poolside in the summer. In fact, the moment Memorial Weekend hits over 50% of the city disappears to the Hamptons (New Yorkers are fancy like that). It’s quite a lovely escape generally equipped with a pools, hot tubs, BBQs and all the necessary summer escape essentials we dream of every Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Sadly some of the less fortunate do not sign up for a Hamptons share house (don’t cry for me just yet). This summer I was blessed by one of my amazing friends and her pool pass to the Thompson LES Hotel (hello happiness).

It may not be massive, but it’s the perfect escape in the city. There is a DJ for entertainment, there’s towels and beach chairs to lay out on (and pretend you’re actually on the beach), there’s boys (eye candy makes the world go round), and there is a bar (no words needed).

I believe that checks off my summer essentials list:

  • Booze
  • Boys
  • Bikinis



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