Norwegian Summer Simple

Jun 19, 2013 - by Ulrikke Lund







Dolce&Gabbana Sunglasses
Bik Bok Denim Shorts
Forever 21 Jewelry
Line of Oslo Tee

Not the deepest story in the blog's history, but nevertheless, true story. I visit and so little like that unofficial summer this week with delicious breakfasts there, impulsive city tours and everything else fine in life. Today has been full roll of morning session on the kit, the interviews, followed by fun and games at Tjuvholmen with sushi lunch + a trip to Astrup Fearnley to be brainfucked by contemporary art, so to speak. Now I lie between Lakene and feel a little power nap coming on, call it like a spasmodic attempt acquire much needed energy for the next days and nights. However, Ahh, life must just be so nice here forever. Norwegian summers are so good when it's properly good!

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