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Aug 09, 2013 - by Collage Vintage


It's Friday and should be celebrated with a lot of content and what better way than with beauty tricks and a look of the day, don't you think?. A few weeks ago I was with Dior in search of the perfect natural make up for this summer, without excess or too "potions". I love this Dior proposal for several reasons: seems natural, it's easy to do yourself, it's fast, and emphasizes the eyes without using eyeliner. I leave you with a few tricks to get this effect.


Start using BB Cream "Dior Skin Nude Tan", ideal for summer because you get a tanned skin effect. Hydrate your skin and is very light so cover imperfections leaving skin breathe. Then highlight the cheeks with cream blush "Dior Blush" tone "Bikini" and get a "good face" instantly. Mix the product with a water to get a color blur effect. You can apply it with your fingers or a brush but be sure that you are "smiling" to know where is the correct area to apply it.


Apply powder makeup "DiorSkin Nude" on the eyelids to fix the shadows and get a longer lasting effect.


One of my favorite discoveries has been "Couleur Eye Gloss", the perfect shade for an exotic ganze. Apply with brush gloss and blur it with a brush eye.

Dior-Summer-Make_UP-beauty-12.jpgDior-Summer-Make_UP-beauty-13.jpg Highlight your eyes with "DiorShow Iconic" mascara, use it up and down working the eyelashes. Remember to apply with a "zig-zag" movement starting at the root of the eyelashes and gradually ascending, you can repeat the process several times.

Dior-Summer-Make_UP-beauty-15.jpgTo finish the makeup don't forget to use a pink lipstick, I wear "Dior Addict Exotique" but you can use any color you like. Dior-Summer-Make_UP-beauty-17.jpgDior-Summer-Make_UP-beauty-25.jpgDior-Summer-Make_UP-beauty-22.jpgDior_Summer-Beauty-Jumpsuit-Oysho-Rebecc

And finally I leave you with the look I wore for the occasion with colors that fit with Dior proposals for summer, pink and blue ^ _ ^. I'm wearing a Oysho oriental jumpsuit, Rebecca Minkoff bag and silver sandals from Asos. Hope you like it!


Jumpsuit: Oysho, HERE; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, HERE; Sandals: ASOS, HERE: Watch: Nixon, HERE; Necklace: H&M

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