An overall amazing ensemble featuring @SeedHeritage and @MichaelKors #OOTD

Aug 26, 2013 - by Winston & Willow

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Most of our days in Sydney were spent running around from events, to meetings, to shows etc. And of course, all in heels. I have heard that Fashion Weeks play havoc on your feet, but by Saturday night (a few hours after these shots were taken) my feet were so blistered and bruised that I literally could not put on another pair of shoes (not even flats). This unfortunately meant that we missed out on our last show which I was very sad about, but I am quite happy to be back in Melbourne relaxing on the couch. With my feet in slippers.

Wearing: Evan Evina ‘Gemma’ Slim Fit Overalls, Seed Heritage Contrast Shirt, Nomadic ‘Shoot the Messenger’ Calf hair bag, Wittner ‘Billie Jean’ Boots, Michael Kors Gold Watch (love this one too)

Photos by Nathan Clarke

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