How to Get Alexa Chung’s Wonderfully Wonky Bob

Aug 04, 2013 - by Nick Arrojo

Alexa Chung's Hair

There’s been a lot of bob action on the blog this week, and it serves as a great reminder that you can take a classic cut and make it personal and creative and modern with inventive cutting (ask your stylist for that!) and styling. This one has purposely jagged lines to create an imperfect, asymmetrical shape. Styles like these are a lot of fun to live with because they are so good at looking terrific even when you simply wash and wear –– it never needs to look too perfect.

Step 1: As your stylist for a groovy asymmetrical bob. Keep it loose and piece-y with soft, side bangs.

Step 2: Apply styling whip to damp hair and allow to air dry. as it does push hair around, give it a scrunch, shake it about –– anything to enhance and encourage your natural texture to shine.

Step 3: On days two to four,forgo daily wet shampooing and replace with Refinish dry shampoo. This will add to to the disheveled, lived-in feel, increase texture and volume daily.

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