3 Steps to Get a Braided Side Bun

Aug 04, 2013 - by Nick Arrojo

We’ve seen this look a lot, it’s definitely a trend. But this example is special –– the pattern of this side braid is so pretty! And we can’t help but love a sleek and feminine braid. It can be a little matronly, but in a good way, like a scarf tied blouse. This style merges the trends of braiding, low volume, and deep side-parting, creating a look that is unique and current. The soft natural blonde shade and smooth finish complements the overall aesthetic.

Step 1: Prep hair with primp working spray. Create a deep side part and pull all hair together on one side of the head.

Step 2: Braid into a five-strand braid or basket weave and secure with a rubber band.

Step 3: Pin the end of the braid underneath with bobby pins and finish with holding spay.

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