Holona’s Cove Diary

Aug 06, 2013 - by Barefoot Blonde

IMG_8341IMG_8710Chinaman’s Hat on the island of OahuIMG_8174Halona’s Cove! You can also see a cool blow hole hereIMG_8463Tide pools you can hike down to on the Mokapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail! Sadly, we didn’t have time to but I wish we would haveIMG_8655IMG_8350IMG_8779IMG_8284IMG_8326

SHORTS: Thrift store

SWIMSUIT: Nordstrom

SHOES: RopeSouls c/o


I’m officially in love with Hawaii. Everything about it is just perfect. We have been on Oahu and are now headed to the big island, Kona, for the rest of the week!! My geologist husband is quite excited :)

I have been wearing these RopeSoul shoes the ENTIRE trip!! They are perfect for outdoorsy things and exploring especially here since we are getting wet on a lot of our adventures and I hate wet tennis shoes more than anything and regular sandals don’t do well hiking.

On a side note, I have been asked a lot about my hair color recently and I don’t have much time to answer emails so I will just write on here! It is blonder but I didn’t color it differently I have just been using my purple shampoo more often.. I use THIS purple shampoo which I think is the best!! When I don’t use it my hair turns a bit yellow and I don’t love that and recently I have been using it more regularly (once a week) and it makes my blonde pieces look blonder!

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