Just Another Lady Gaga Applause Cover Make-Up Tutorial

Aug 23, 2013 - by INDIE

So, I rarely share it, but I'm a bit of a monster at heart.

Not the type to call her mama, but enough to pay attention when she releases an album. The first single, Applause, from her soon to be release ARTPOP has all the familiar Gaga elements; addictive dance hooks, electro-pop synthing, and of course, a lot of characters concocted and perfected by the Haus.

Even without Nicola, the world's reigning queen of haute avante proves that Katy Perry's candy tittie cannons ain't got shit on her (although I'd like to think they're besties).

One of my favorite looks so far is the iconic cover for ARTPOP, a faceful of Stefani with some smeared clown makeup while wrapped in a blankie with a du-rag on.

I so need to buy it on vinyl just to sleeveface it and snap for Indiegram. Lady Gaga Applause Cover Make-Up Tutorial

Being a total weirdo and finding myself a bit inspired last week, I decided to recreate the look. Lydia Hudgens snapped the photo and Samantha Lennon worked the make-up.

Lady Gaga Applause Cover Make-Up Tutorial

Lady Gaga Applause Cover Make-Up Tutorial

Below some behind the scenes.


Yeah, I'm aware I've got issues...

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