Wood Kid

Aug 07, 2013 - by One Dapper Street







Photography by Moti Ankari of The Metro Man

I'm Wearing:

Blazer (Marc by Marc Jacobs)

Shirt (c/o Buffalo Jeans)

Pocketsquare (H&M)

Jeans (Allsaints)

Shoes (n.d.c.)

Br acelet (c/o Tevin Vincent)

Okay. This is gonna sound hella weird, but as Moti and I walked through my neighborhood, I saw this log, and thought it looked so cool, that I wanted to shoot there. So this outfit is inspired by wood. Hence, woodkid, ha. So I went for an all green top, combining different saturations and textures, with a V-neck shirt under a blazer with a pocket square. Then I thought a blue jeans would work well and brown shoes, that would go well with the log. Very natural, ha.

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