Outfit: Men’s Acessorizing Loft Living

Aug 07, 2013 - by Closet Freaks | Menswear & Personal Style






Outfit: Men’s Acessorizing

Loft Livin

Last weekend I trekked out (well…okay it was more like a 10 minute drive) to Brooklyn to work on a fun little project with some friends - stay tuned! I spent the day at a gorgeous loft space in Williamsburg and I couldn’t help but notice all the fine details and elegant touches that really pulled the space together. It’s no surprise that the homeowner was an interior designer because damn she nailed the decor!

Anyway it got me thinking about my own outfit that day and why I liked it so much. It wasn’t that I was dressed to the nines, but more about the subtle details that really made the outfit stand out. I scored this killer button down that has a really unique asymmetric button pattern and chest pockets on sale for about $20 - steal! I also stacked on some really cool arm candy like this leather wrap bracelet and my spiked railroad cuff which is starting to distress really nicely with each wear. I also got to break in my new Converse’s which are starting to get all nicely scuffed up thanks to a few outings at some dive bars over the weekend and I really love the way they’re starting to look worn-in. And to top it all off my new leather backpack makes it’s blog debut! Can’t wait to see the leather age and develop some character by the end of the summer. What are some of your favorite details in the clothing and accessories you wear? Leave a comment on the blog or tweet me @closet_freaks!


Shirt by Marshall Artist (Similar) // Pants by Bullhead c/o PacSun // Shoes by Converse // Backpack c/o Coach // Eyeglasses c/o John Ruvin *$50 off your purchase until 8.24.13 with promo code closetfreaks0724** // Wrap Bracelet c/o Coach // Railroad Spike Cuff c/o Giles & Brother

Photos by Justin

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