Sunflower featuring @teamLBD

Aug 09, 2013 - by Thankfifi

Thankfifi- Sunflower-21-ii

Thankfifi- Sunflower-4

Thankfifi- Sunflower-10-ii

Thankfifi- Sunflower-1-2

Thankfifi- Sunflower-12

Thankfifi- Sunflower-19

Thankfifi- Sunflower-6

Let me introduce you to Freya, my new sunshine friend from Little Black Dress. I picked her out of course because of the colour (often I find myself refining searches by colour these days – yellow, orange, red, green…). To keep the block colour the focus I knew I would style her simply and really wanted to try to create a special shoot. Truly I wanted to stand in the middle of a lavender field… Well, we’re not in Provence so that turned out to be near impossible but if you look closely you can see some of my sought after purple blooms sneaking in here and there.

bourne freya dress – c/o Little Black Dress (ON SALE!)
ardell court shoe – Daniel
rings – Boticca

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