SHOP IT: Tiger By My Side sweatshirt from @Zara

Aug 02, 2013 - by Winston & Willow


Quite often I walk into a Zara and literally think, “I could buy everything in this store”, as I’m sure many women do. Somehow they always manage to have the best and most on trend stuff around at such a reasonable price. This is exactly what I thought when I bought these shorts and this Tiger sweater T-shirt, so much that I was walking around for about an hour picking things up and putting things down as I had limited myself on how much I was allowed to spend.

Photos by Nathan Clarke

Zara Beaded Shorts (similar here) & Tiger Sweater T-Shirt (similar here), Tony Bianco ‘Kittie’ Heels, Witchery ‘Joan’ Metal Clutch, Vintage Rings

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