Tram Stop

Jul 31, 2013 - by Winston & Willow


I have known Docklands to be pretty windy in the past, but never as windy as the day we took these photos. We went to Docklands on the weekend to go out to lunch with a few friends and literally almost got blown away by the wind. Lucky we were able to shelter in this tram stop while we were waiting for the tram long enough to be able to take these photos. Sometimes I feel like we look around for ages trying to find the perfect spot to shoot outfits, and then sometimes it just falls perfectly into what we’re doing that day, and this was definitely one of those days! We couldn’t have asked for a better or such an iconic spot in Melbourne with our famous trams in the background to take some shots.

Photos by Nathan Clarke

Finders Keepers ‘Now I Know’ Top, Ben Sherman Pants (similar here), ASOS Embellished Sunglasses, Tony Bianco Heels (similar here), Elaen Boutique Handbag

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