Weekend HairStyle Inspiration: Dita Von Teese

Aug 09, 2013 - by Nick Arrojo


The weekend is the time for frolicking and fun. So you need a great hairstyle to take you to the good times. Imitating Dita Von Teese’s irrepressible devotion to Hollywood’s retro glamor is sure to get you noticed. A brushed-out set with a stylistic side-part, the style oozes a polished and refined, cosmopolitan flavor. If your cut hangs anywhere between the jaw and the shoulder, replicating this elegant look is quicker and easier than you think. For our tips, click style notes.

Step: Roller set hair if there is time, and/or if it needs to last a few days. Alternatively, quick-set using curling iron. For the second option, apply protective thickening lotion and set and style spray to damp, towel-dried hair and use pin-curl clips to hold curls as they set. For the first option, just set ands style spray will do.

Step: After roller-set or heat-styling is complete (and hair is cool), release rollers or pin-curl clips.

Step: Brush out the set until it takes a cascading, waterfall effect. Create a deep set side-part. On the long side, grab hair, place behind ear, pin in place.

Step: The opposite, shorter side can be tucked, not pinned, behind the ear, with the length creating the billowing, wavy motion that defines this style. Mist finished look with primp working spray for hold and shine.

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