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by on December 9, 2011

Thanks to the beauty geniuses behind Marie Claire Magazine, we can now have a go to doctor for all things beauty. So, clearly most women refuse to give up the heat, torture, and damage that we purposely put our hair through on a daily. So I say if you can’t drop the tools, might as well just treat your hair to a nice remedy every now and there. Here are 4 DIY remedies, that consist of mostly everything you have in your kitchen.

Pretty Girls: 4 Special Hair Care Remedies

1. Feed Your Head
“You can’t have full, bouncy hair without a healthy scalp,” says Goddard-Clark. To reduce excess oil, dampen a cotton ball with witch hazel, dab it along your hairline and part, and rinse hair with cool water. Fight flakes weekly by adding five drops of tea-tree oil to your favorite shampoo as a booster. Skip conditioner, though, and apply a detangler only to the ends of your hair — your scalp may be sensitive after this treatment.

2. Add Volume
Lifeless strands got you down? in a bowl, mix one egg yolk, a half cup of honey, two tablespoons of olive oil, and two small, ripe avocados. Apply the concoction to the entire head and leave on for one to two hours, until hard. Shampoo and condition as usual. “This is a miracle cure,” notes Goddard-Clark. “And for extra-bouncy, nonfrizzy curls, Drew Barrymore taught me to blot ringlets dry with paper towels.”

3. Boost Shine
“Dull, overstyled hair benefits from regular olive- or jojoba-oil masks,” explains Goddard-Clark. Starting at the roots, brush a quarter cup of natural oil (synthetic oils don’t work as well) through dry hair and leave it on for an hour. Blast the ends with a dryer for five minutes to help oil penetrate deeper. Skip the roots — the scalp emits enough warmth on its own, and applying extra heat could lead to greasy textures later.

4. Preserve Color
Minerals in the water system can cause brassiness for blondes and redheads. A quick fix? Mix a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar with a half cup of filtered water and pour it over hair before rinsing with cool water. Graying brunette beauties need to be careful, too. “Peroxide-based dyes give darker shades a reddish hue,” warns Goddard-Clark. Use a toothbrush to paint boxed dye over individual strands.

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Contributed by Nicole Vardo

My hair is as notoriously messy as the previous night's festivities, I'd like to think of myself as a young Jackie. O with more sex appeal, I can write my own dictionary and nine times out of ten I'm wearing Manolos. Follow me on twitter: @nicolevardo