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Edited by on August 11 2009 at 4:01 PM

QUEST: Whos Hotter Anne Hathaway or Megan Fox?

This may be the most random QUEST we’ve posted on the site, but there is clearly a good reason behind it. Earlier today Daniel and I got in an argument over who is hotter, and well it has caused a rift in the office. The cool (and clearly logical) kids of the office, Hillary and myself, are going with Anne Hathaway, due mostly to that fact that we are choosing natural beauty over plastic surgery.

QUEST: Whos Hotter Anne Hathaway or Megan Fox?

Daniel and Rebecca (due to marriage Rebecca is forced to agree with him) chose Megan Fox because apparently “she defines sex.” My rebuttal, plastic surgery can make anyone hot!

So let’s hear it indies Hathaway or Fox? You know where our hearts are set.

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Story by Corey Moran

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