WTF?!? Rachel McAdams Takes the Plunge

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Picture 14

Rachel McAdams who’s best known for being the not so hot redhead from Wedding Crashers wore a dress and people feel the need to talk about it.

Aside from the fact that she’s obviously stealing from the closet of one of the chicks from Dynasty, there is nothing at all spectacular about this white on white snowblindness that’s going on here. Listen Eagles, skip the Vic and invest in this linebacker. Seriously, this girls got some major shoulder weight.

What do you think indies. Moment of Style or total WTF?!?
WTF?!? Rachel McAdams Takes the Plunge


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  • madisonelle
    I think for her, this is a major moment of style as it shows that she's taking some risks. shoulder pads are back, better or worse, they are. AND she's way gorgeous. She has the right features to pull off anything. She's trying.
  • i like the fact that she is changing it up!! there were a lot of other options that might have suited her better.... but all in all this is a start, and i think she pulled it off nicely.
  • Daedalus
    I don't understand. Right here: you said it was a moment of style as clearly stated by the url address and now you're bashing it?

    Make up your mind Fashion Indie or at the very least, check your archived posts so that this doesn't happen again.
  • 11beca29
    Ummm...this was not a mistake, Daniel clearly had a diff opinion than I did when I wrote this look as a Style Moment! There is no reason to get upset, and everyone here knows our archives, we just happen to disagree sometimes!
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