Rachel Rays a Goddamn Terrorist!!!

Actually, she’s just a fashion tragedy.

These recent Dunkin Donut ads were banned because Rachel is wearing a kaffiyeh, a sign for Palestinian “Terrorist” (also see Freedom Fighter).  Some folks complained about the evil symbol and the ad was pulled. The scarves which have been out of style for nearly a year caused a great stir amongst rightist douchers with sticks up their asses. If Rachel Ray has done anything wrong here its hiring a stylist who shops at Urban Outfitters.

The whole idea that this scarf is associated with “terrorism” is pretty ridiculous.  Sometimes things just loose their meaning over time, like this scarf, which now is more associated with a lame fashion trend then violence.  Like other symbols before it (like the Jesus on the Cross, which is more a symbol of overpaid rappers then religion now) the scarf has lost it’s fire when it went mainstream. The folks over at Little Green Footballs (their post is below) are idiots who need to get their principals straight.

No one associates this with terrorism.

Rachel Rays a Goddamn Terrorist!!!

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